It’s been centuries since a woman first tried to improve what they naturally had, and the attention that they got from men made all the pain worth it. You’ll want to keep in mind that women first tried to wear padded clothing, but this only worked until the clothes came off and then the fraud was discovered. In 1895 the first breast augmentation surgery was performed. As for the substances that were used, you will find that it left a lot to be desired.. It wasn’t until 1961 that silicone implants were developed. The saline implants followed in 1964. There have been other substances developed, but none as common today as saline and silicone.

Did you know that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has stated that the breast augmentation is one of the most common types of surgeries that are being sought out? 329,000 breast augmentations were done in 2006.

The breast augmentation surgery doesn’t last that one, and it only takes and hour or two to complete the procedure. The visits between patient and surgeon before the surgery are usually spent discussing the type of procedure that will be used. The differences are in the type of implant, the incision that’s required and where it will be placed. Also discussed is where the placement of the actual implant will be made. Keep in mind that these factors will have an impact on the final appearance of your breasts.

You should be able to get back into routine within a week after breast augmentation surgery. You will want to keep in mind that it really depends on what it is that you are doing and the level of activity that is needed. You will wan to keep in mind that the scar will most likely be visible six weeks or even a few months. The scars will fade after some time.


Thinking about Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Keep in mind that breast augmentation happens to be chosen that many women make. It is the most common reason for cosmetic surgery. With an implant, you will want to increase the size of your breasts or focus on the shape of your breasts. You’ll find that a typical enhancement is known as primary augmentation.

Then there is revision augmentation where you will have surgery in order to improve the results of your first breast augmentation surgery or so that you can correct a part of the surgery that may have gone wrong. Many women undergo the surgery numerous times, slowly achieving the end results they desire.

Replacement of breast tissue that was removed because of cancer, trauma or that failed to develop properly because of a severe breast abnormality, is considered primary reconstruction surgery. Also, corrections and revisions to this type of surgery is known as revision reconstruction surgery.

Breast augmentation patients are usually younger, healthier and from higher socio-economic status than the population norm. Women who wish to do this are women who are married and with children.

There are doctors that have found a link with breast augmentation and mental disorders. There is a pattern that a lot of doctors will see. It suggests women who choose breast implantation are slightly more likely to have undergone psychotherapy, have lower self-esteem, and have higher tendencies toward depression, suicide attempts and mental illness than the general population.

When it comes to post-opt surveys you’ll find that your mental healthy and the quality of life that you have will affect the way that you see plastic surgery. You will want to work through some issues like concerns about healthy, appear ness, and also self-confidence or self-esteem when it comes to dating or having a social life. When it comes to talking about satisfaction, you’ll find that it is a long-term satisfaction.