Hemorrhoids prevention is a matter that most people will not need to think hard about. Most patients of hemorrhoids have never suffered again from a return bout, so nobody really considers hemorrhoids prevention until they acquire one.

Conversely, once you have endured through a fit of hemorrhoids, prevention does likely to dwell in the mind of most patients.

Hemorrhoid prevention is simple.

Although genetic factors play a significant role in hemorrhoid vulnerability, lifestyle has a bigger role in the development of hemorrhoids, and in thinking of a hemorrhoid prevention program.

Conversely, there are a handful diseases and health problems that make hemorrhoids prevention less attainable, like Crohn’s disease, hypertension, badly supervised diabetes and pregnancy. If you are presently having one of these health conditions and suffer from hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoids may not entirely be eliminated until the origin is treated, and, certainly, hemorrhoids prevention cannot be totally probable.

Nonetheless, hemorrhoid prevention methods can significantly aid to decrease trouble and anxiety while working on other health conditions.

Lifestyle change

Most hemorrhoid problems are caused by diarrhea, or constipation, either of which can be cured by a well-planned diet that involves fiber-rich foods and plenty source of drinking water. For hemorrhoids prevention, an average person should take between 30 to 40 grams of dietary fiber everyday to keep the digestive tract in its efficient working order.

A well planned and nutritious diet, like anything else to do with human health presents equilibrium.

However, do not take more than 40 grams of fiber unless your physician instructs you to do so. Too much fiber will make you bloat, and nauseous. Too much fiber intake also combats the prevention of hemorrhoids, as the feces can be rigid and small needing several visits to the toilet to completely eradicate the stool.

Furthermore, when you add fiber to your diet, you should add the amount you take gradually and drink plenty of water. Going from very small fiber to the large amount in one day will also make you irritated, while eating more fiber without enough water to go with it will form rigid materials in the colon. Needlessly, rigid bowel movements will not make your hemorrhoids better.

Evidently, hemorrhoids prevention is beneficial for a healthy meal to travel the boundaries of the regularity of bowel movements. A proper and balanced food intake will aid to decrease blood pressure, provide your cardiovascular system the vitamins and minerals it requires to stay in proper order, give your muscles proper sustenance in order for them to support the hemorrhoid blood vessels in your thighs and gives you the energy and the vigor to chase an active living that gets the blood flowing in its normal rate.

Exercises suitable for your age and health are another technique to prevent hemorrhoids. Desk bounded jobs, such as driving or clerk, have you sitting for the whole day. So much sitting makes any inclination towards hemorrhoids.

Thus, it’s essential to get up and do a mild walk at least every couple of hours, possibly for a few minutes. Jogging or walking will help you focus on your work more while getting the blood out of the hemorrhoids.


The Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Causes of hemorrhoids may be due to varied grounds. The blood veins, which are in the rectal region, will respond to tension that is being strained in the area. Yet, the tension may come from different origins and may lead to hemorrhoids to be a troublesome condition, and also, cause pain. Being well-informed about the different reasons behind hemorrhoids can aid to transform your life in avoiding hemorrhoids from inflicting intolerable pain.


Constipation is the most common cause for hemorrhoids. Tension in the anal area is caused by the bowel movements, if a person is constipated. This will consequently put strain on the blood veins, leading them to become inflamed and irritated. Bleeding in this area is seen, if you are constipated. This is from the blood veins responding to the tension from the bowel movements. In sequence, you may be required to be adept on how to avoid constipation by means of various methods.


After constipation, pregnancy is the most typical reasons for hemorrhoids. This may be caused by different reasons. For instance, the continual tension that is happening in the blood veins in the rectal area can cause irritation. In turn, the blood veins will work harder as a result of a drastic increase of hormone levels. This will then put tension on them, resulting from inflammation and irritation. If a patient is pregnant or expecting to be pregnant, it is very important to know that this is a normal part of pregnancy. However, it is only for a limited period of time and will usually disappear after you have given birth.

Portal Hypertension

Another reason for hemorrhoids is portal hypertension. This is caused by too much pressure from the blood veins that protrude from the intestines to the liver. Consequently, this will lead to a smoother bowel movement and pressure from the blood veins and will cause hemorrhoids as a result. The various kinds of hemorrhoids that happen can lead to irritation and strain, as well as bleeding in the rectal and anal area.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

This condition happens when the blood veins in the rectal region are delicate, and can easily be damaged. This put tension on the vessels, as they will have to put extra effort. Basically, the tension is also worsened with prolonged sitting or standing. If you are overweight, do not exercise habitually or you are smoking, it can also result to irritated blood veins.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

Inflammatory bowel disease may also cause hemorrhoids. This happens when you are constipated or you have diarrhea, as well as stomach pain from problems with your digestive system. It may lead to hemorrhoids to react since there is extra tension that is placed on the blood veins. This is very common if the condition is based on constipation.

Having hemorrhoids, it isbest to seek out what is the origin of hemorrhoids and why it is happening. After that, you can change specific parts of your lifestyle, such as your food intake to help avoid the hemorrhoids from being an incessant trouble.